Orgânica.mente is an association located in the Douro valley, in a rural area of Cinfães, where it is still possible to feel the traditions and antique culture of Portugal. It aims to serv all by developing a concept of healthy, holistic and integrative life in full communion with Nature.

Orgânica.mente was co-created by Cátia and Hugo, a couple that found each other about 9 years ago and since then have been germinating this dream. She is dedicated to nutrition, traditional Chinese Medicine and Hatha Yoga. He is dedicated to energy-based manual therapies, martial arts and permaculture. Both are artists. Leaving the city to live between the mountains and the river, they created this project focused on human development: integral, complete and organic.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Orgânica.mente gained form, mission and a social role by promoting new services, activities and the opportunity to make a change in our lives. We develop activities that promote the (re)connection of the human being with himself and the surrounding environment though alternative therapies, yoga, nutrition, permaculture, arts and outdoor activities.

It serves both friends, patients, students and curious from other places who seek healing and well-being, as it contributes for the development of the region by giving the local population access to therapies and well-being related activities.

The seed has germinated and our project is gaining form, light and joy. One step at a time.